Friday, November 21, 2014

Balemaster Baler – Make Your Business More Profitable

Heavier and Bigger Bales Equal Greater Profits

What do you think of when you hear the name Fat Boy?  Sandwiches from the deli down the street?  The kid in school who made all the great plays in football? Or maybe Fat Boy is one of the most innovative waste management machines that industry leading Balemaster has ever produced? 

“It literally changed our whole operation.”  That’s how Kyle Traynor, founder of KLT Industries describes the benefits of the Fat Boy.  “The Fat Boy makes bigger bales and bigger bales make bigger bucks for us and our customers.” (READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE)

Fat Boy.  The name is appropriate enough.  Not necessarily for the size of this state-of-the -art baling/recycling machine designed and built by Balemaster, but for its output.  Fat Boy is an automated, heavy duty, continuous feed, horizontal, Auto-Ty baler designed for your distribution center or warehouse in mind.  Just take a peek at these numbers observed by KLT Industries.
  • Baler Throughput:  Before Fat Boy…15 tons/hr.  After Fat Boy…35 tons/hr.   233% improvement.
  • Bale Weight:  Before Fat Boy…1,400lbs.  After Fat Boy…3,500lbs.  285% improvement.
  • Bales per Shipping Container:  Before Fat Boy…30-40.  After Fat Boy…14-16.  250% improvement.
  • Container Loading Time:  Fat Boy…15-minutes.
  • Wire Use Reduction:  Fat Boy…20%.
Those are a lot of exciting numbers – money and time saving numbers.  KLT Industries saw an immediate savings in container loading time, fork truck fuel & wear, wire use, bale handling, and baler maintenance by employing the 6200 Fat Boy Series Baler from Balemaster.   Additionally, the Fat Boy baler integrates high density with 40% more bale size

To explain what this can mean to you, shipping containers are charged by the size, not by the weight of its contents.  The more you can fill the container, the more cost-effective your load.  Plus, in the same amount of time it once took your fork lift truck operator to load one container he can now finish loading two.  That’s half the trips, half the fuel, and half the cost.
These improved cost and time efficiencies cannot be overlooked.   Ask yourself this question, “How long can you afford to go without a Balemaster Fat Boy?”

Balemaster is recognized by both peers and customers as an industry leader in baling technology.  Balemaster’s products are installed in more than 55 countries serving a host of key markets.  Inside their state of the art, 100,000 square foot facilities they continue in the tradition of providing innovative solutions built around a solid engineering expertise, and have commissioned thousands of balers and shredders world-wide.  

We Make Your Baling Process More Profitable.  

Balemaster offers a baler for every need.  

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