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Balemaster Balers – A Baler That Is Easy to Control

Touch Screen In Less Than 30 Seconds

By the time you finish reading the first few paragraphs, Balemaster’s Touch Screen will have allowed you to handle virtually any baling issue.

Yes, Touch Screen. As opposed to leafing through several pages of a service manual, once you’ve taken ample time to find the manual in the first place, Balemaster’s Touch Screen is so easy to use. It puts everything you need right at your fingertips. No confusing knobs, buttons, or two-line displays. All diagnostic messages instantly appear on the screen, eliminating physical troubleshooting, while an operator-friendly interface lets you perform a wide variety of functions such as adjusting bale lengths.

Of course one can expect particular issues to arise when dealing with technologically advanced products such as Balemaster balers. Balemaster balers are designed and engineered so well that when the user commits an error, or needs assistance, helpful solutions will appear on the screen. So if a problem occurs, you can select from over fifty screens able to provide immediate assistance.

Plus, Balemaster’s Touch Screen Controls feature bright, clear graphics and easy-to-follow directions to make operating a breeze. And you know what that means, right? More messages on Balemaster’s Touch Screen means less maintenance. Timely information is always the key to optimal system performance. So, when you receive a full assortment of clear messages on a quick-read glare resistant LCD screen, you can react to potential problems before they occur. Ultimately, that’s what helps to keep businesses running smoothly, right? Oh, and just to keep things safe – it has security code protection to prevent unqualified access to all critical settings and operations. And, multiple languages are available.

Balemaster’s Touch Screen – simply another innovative and smart idea from Balemaster designed to help your business reduce costly downtime, requiring less maintenance, for greater savings.

Balemaster is recognized by both peers and customers as an industry leader in baling technology. Balemaster’s products are installed in more than 55 countries serving a host of key markets. Inside their state of the art, 100,000 square foot facilities they continue in the tradition of providing innovative solutions, built around a solid engineering expertise, including their Touch Screen Control Panel, and have commissioned thousands of balers and shredders world-wide.

We Make Your Baling Process More Profitable.

Balemaster offers a baler for every need.  

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