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Balemaster Baler – Automatic Tying Balers

Automatic Tying Baler – An Engineering Marvel

Balemaster  calls it “Auto-Ty”.  You’ll call it an engineering marvel. In fact, Auto-Ty from Balemaster’s engineering vision is the prime ingredient in every Balemaster automatic tying baler product. 

No longer do your employees need to tie-off each bale.  After a bale is formed to length, the counter signals the baler to tie off the bale automatically.  This revolutionary approach to baling has helped to make Balemaster the leader in the baling industry as well as helping to make your baling process more profitable.

Okay, but how do Auto-Ties work?

So exactly how does Balemaster’s Auto-Ty system work?  Well, without going into too many engineering specifics:  Heavy duty components twist bales tight for easy handling and stacking.  For maximum reliability, the Auto-Ty inserter and Auto-Ty twister are driven by an electric motor with brake, providing precise control.  Unlike hydraulic tiers that experience drifting and timing problems due to contaminated hydraulic oil, the Auto-Ty’s electrical/mechanical design offers clean, trouble-free operation.  Trouble-free.  And isn’t that the bottom line for most businesses?

Balemaster’s Auto-Ty system includes the heaviest twister hooks in the industry to make sure you get lasting performance 24/7.  The hooks are also reversible, eliminating left or right hand requirements -  again, thanks to the highly trained and skilled engineers at Balemaster for not only coming up with that idea, but implementing it.   Additionally, the automatic dispensing wire coil holders are mounted right on the baler, saving valuable floor space.  And, if you need a “short bale” – there’s a valuable option on the touchscreen that allows you to tie-off at any time.

How long does all of this take?

So, you’re probably wondering by now how quickly Balemaster’s Auto-Ty System can work, since time is money.  Well, after the bale is formed to length and the counter signals the baler to tie off the bale, the ram proceeds to the full forward position to the tie-off position.  Then needles insert wires into position through the ram into the tying head.  With the wires in position, the twister head rotates and all wire positions are simultaneously twisted and cut.  After cutting, the twister continues to rotate, twisting the two wires together to form two knots at each end of the bale.  After the tie is completed, the twister reverses to disengage, the needles retract, the bale counter is reset, and the baler is ready for another.   So how much time?   Under thirty seconds.

Balemaster’s Automatic baler – simply another innovative and smart idea from Balemaster designed to help your business reduce costly downtime and maintenance for greater savings.

Balemaster – the industry leader. Balemaster’s products are installed in more than 55 countries serving a host of key markets.  Inside their state of the art, 100,000 square foot facilities they continue in the tradition of providing innovative solutions, built around a solid engineering expertise, including their Touch Screen Control Panel, and have commissioned thousands of balers and shredders world-wide.

We Make Your Baling Process More Profitable.

Balemaster offers a baler for every need.  

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