Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Balemaster Balers – Innovation

Balemaster Baler Innovations

Trust and reliability come from companies who provide innovative solutions and technological breakthroughs – all at a cost that’s, well, cost-effective.  Welcome to Balemaster.

Balemaster is recognized as the industry leader of waste management balers and baling technology and their innovations are a large part of that recognition.  From bending metals, as opposed to welding, to their E-Series, EO-Series, Fat Boy, customer training, operator friendly Touch-Screen Diagnostic Controllers, Auto-Ty, and so much more, Balemaster is always improving in order to help their customers run more cost and time efficiently.
Engineering excellence, manufacturing expertise, craftsmanship, and expert CNC precision machining go into every piece of equipment Balemaster produces – each meeting the highest and strictest quality control standard.  And then, they improved upon the customer’s experience from there.

Auto-Ty:  From in-feeding waste to off-loading bales, the Balemaster Auto-Ty System lets you manage and dispose of waste quickly, easily, and most of all, cost-effectively.

Touch-Screen:  Easy to use touch screen controls put everything in your fingertips.  No more searching for the service manual.  No confusing knobs, buttons, or two-line displays.  Troubleshooting is a breeze and an operator-friendly interface lets you perform a wide variety of functions.

Superior Dust Control:  A tightly engineered designed and advanced dust control features combine to make the Auto-Ty Baler the cleanest operating system in the business.

Efficient Hydraulics:  Simply put, hydraulic power units use regenerative circuits to maximize throughput capacity and save energy. 

Now, add it up:  Up to 25-Bales per hour, depending on which model purchased; more bales per shipping container; more wire-use reduction; employee-efficiencies; employee morale.  You’ll save time (under 30-Seconds per bale) and you’ll save money.  It’s time to contact Balemaster.  

Balemaster offers a baler for every need.  www.Balemaster.com.  

980 Crown Court
Crown Point, IN 46307

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