Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Balemaster Balers – Forget About Them

Forgettable Balers

“Reliable and built to last.”  These days there aren’t that many products available that can live up to that phrase.  However, if you ask someone in the distribution, printing, or warehouse industry they will probably come up with at least one name – Balemaster.

Balemaster designs, engineers, and manufactures balers that you can forget about.  They simply go about doing their job automatically so you can go about handling the other aspects of your company.  So how does Balemaster accomplish this feat? 

Balemaster is proud to be a world market leader in the industrial baler industry.  Their constant emphasis on engineering excellence, quality manufacturing, and assembly is second to none.  Balemaster assures you that you are selecting the best. 

Balemaster’s Auto-Ty Baler is a complete automated baling system that tracks the status from start to finish.  How?  An Allen-Bradley PLC-programmable logic controller provides a full range of performance tracking and system functions including up-to-the-minute data on these critical system operations:  Waste productions tracking, Maintenance hours tracking, 3-Separate bale counters, Tier twists and untwists, Total pump hours, and Total baler hours.  Balemaster provides Auto-Ty with an electrical-mechanical design that offers clean, trouble-free operation.

Balemaster’s tightly engineered design and advanced dust control features combine to make the Balemaster balers the cleanest in the industry.  Balemaster does it all for you.  They’re more than just a baling press for compacting and bundling waste materials.  Balemaster prides themselves on providing Auto-Ty Baler Systems, Touch Screen Diagnostics and Controls, Superior Dust Control, Efficient Hydraulics, and so much more that your bottom line should end up looking like what you had expected.   Additionally, Balesmaster offers balers that can produce 25-30 bales per hour.

Reliable and built to last.  It’s what you expect out of everything you purchase for your company.   And Balemaster is ready to oblige.    

Balemaster offers a baler for every need.  www.Balemaster.com.  

980 Crown Court
Crown Point, IN 46307

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