Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Balemaster Baler – Balers for Every Industry

A Baler for Any Industry.

Balemaster doesn’t adhere to the “one size fits all” template when it comes to designing and manufacturing automated waste handling equipment. We understand your particular industry and as a result, have engineered cost and time saving products capable of meeting your exact requirements.    
Balemaster has been meeting the real-world automatic waste handling requirements in a wide range of international markets since 1946. Our leadership and technical innovation has enabled our customers to successfully handle and dispose waste product at industry leading cost-efficiencies. From having balers to bale paper and corrugated waste to other unique markets such as non-wovens and raw pulp, Balemaster has contributed to helping customers successfully manage their day-to-day baler operations. As industries and markets evolve, Balemaster has kept pace by producing some of the most innovative products in the marketplace and we continue to pioneer innovative and market specific solutions.

From automated baling systems with powerful and user friendly touch screen interfaces and Auto-Ty systems, to shredders, hoggers, automatic can compactors and more, Balemaster is completely dedicated to successfully implementing automatic waste handling solutions into your operation.

Below are just a few of the baler markets we serve:

Corrugated Box Manufacturing: Whether you need to bale laminated single face or 2000lb test triple wall, a baler from Balemaster can be equipped to meet your exact needs.

Warehouse and Distribution:  Whether your warehouse or distribution center needs to produce a couple of bales per day or several bales per hour, a baler from Balemaster can solve your unique challenges.

Printing and Binding: Whether you need to bale flyleaf shavings or coated book scrap, a baler from Balemaster can be fitted out to meet your requirements.

Recyclers and Haulers: Whether you need to bale 30 tons per hour of old newspapers or 25 tons per hour of OCC, Balemaster’s balers are an easy choice.

Paper Mills and Paper Converters: Whether you bale light basis weight paper or heavy duty fiberboard, a baler from Balemaster can meet your demands.

Manufacturing / Assembly Plants: Whether you need to make a couple bales per day or several bales per hour, a baler from Balemaster can be equipped to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.

Balemaster is recognized by both peers and customers as an industry leader in baling technology. Balemaster’s products are installed in more than 55 countries serving a host of key markets. Inside their state of the art, 100,000 square foot facilities they continue in the tradition of providing innovative solutions built around a solid engineering expertise, and have commissioned thousands of balers and shredders world-wide.  

We Make Your Baling Process More Profitable.  

Balemaster offers a baler for every need.  

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Crown Point, IN 46307

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