Saturday, September 26, 2015

Balemaster Baler – A Cost Efficient Solution

Is It Time To Switch To A Balemaster Baler?
Whether you’re in charge of running a paper mill, distribution center, warehouse, or any other business that has to deal with loads of empty corrugated boxes and loose paper, one of your daily concerns is cost-effective waste management. Nothing can slow your day down more than watching your outdated baler unable to keep up with the steady stream of what needs to go into it.
For many mid-sized to large printers and distribution centers, a baler needs to bale the waste both time-efficiently and cost-effectively. Balemaster, the industry’s leader in waste handling automation located in Crown Point Indiana, specializes in exactly what your business needs. And, they even take it a step further by turning your waste into another profit center for your business.


The Balemaster Difference


Unlike other compacting and waste management companies, Balemaster prefers to live by their bold statement “We make your baling process more profitable.”  It’s how they’ve engineered their balers to work and designed their balers for businesses like yours that makes it possible. Larger and denser bales are the key to reducing, among other things, employee time, shipping costs, and energy usage.  An Auto-Tie system and easy-to-use Touch Screen Interface saves you in both maintenance repair costs and man hours operating the baler. Additionally, Balemaster’s hydraulics provides maximum efficiencies, using regenerative circuits and dual power packs to minimize horsepower usage saving your firm energy.

Okay, perhaps you’re now speculating that Balemaster’s balers are pretty intricate for your employees to learn to operate. Balemaster’s commitment to training is unique in the industry. Their three day intensive training sessions teach your operators everything they need to know about your equipment.  Their classes comprehensively cover preventative maintenance issues and electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical troubleshooting techniques – all aimed at making your personnel truly effective in daily equipment operations.

So, instead of watching your outdated baler, compactor, or other waste disposer slow down your day, take a look at what Balemaster has to offer.

Balemaster – the industry leader. Balemaster’s products are installed in more than 55 countries serving a host of key markets.  Inside their state of the art, 100,000 square foot facilities they continue in the tradition of providing innovative solutions, built around a solid engineering expertise, including their Touch Screen Control Panel, and have commissioned thousands of balers and shredders world-wide.

We Make Your Baling Process More Profitable.

Balemaster offers a baler for every need.  

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Crown Point, IN 46307