Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Balemaster Balers – Bottom Line Benefit

Balers That Benefit Your Bottom-Line

Try this:  Take a walk through the doors that lead to your distribution center.  There you see thousands upon thousands of new products displayed beautifully on pallets, ready to go out.  Employees are swiftly removing the plastic ties binding all of the boxes together.  And semi-trailers of new products are patiently waiting at the docks to be unloaded.  It all means money.  That is…until you look at the enormous piles of empty cardboard and plastic waiting to be baled into your baler.

And that’s when you wonder if your current baler can handle the job, like up to 25-bales an hour.  Your bottom-line includes more than just the efficiency of getting products to your customers.  It also includes waste management.

Whether your requirements call for a single 1,000 lb. bale per-day or 25 bales per-hour, Balemaster has the baler to meet your exact needs.    Balemaster distinguishes itself as a leading innovator of baling technology having designed and installed balers for a wide range of applications worldwide.  Balemaster’s product line of over 100-plus models addresses the requirements of customers, offering superior designs, feature-rich touch screen diagnostics and controls, industry leading energy efficiencies, easy maintenance, increased reliability, and longer service life.  And, everything is backed up by Balemaster’s flexible service programs.

Balemaster does it all for you.  They’re more than just a baling press for compacting and bundling waste materials.  Balemaster prides themselves on providing Auto-Ty Baler Systems, Touch Screen Diagnostics and Controls, Superior Dust Control, Efficient Hydraulics, and so much more that your bottom line should end up looking like what you had expected.   Additionally, Balesmaster offers balers that can produce 25-30 bales per hour.

Now that you’ve walked through the doors of your distribution center, hopefully there’s a Balemaster in your building that’s recycling cardboard, plastic, paper, textile material, or even foam rubber.  

Balemaster offers a baler for every need.  www.Balemaster.com.  

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