Thursday, December 18, 2014

Balemaster Balers – Service that is second to none.

Baler Service That Is Second To None.

Business digital phone systems, multi-purpose printer/copier machines, and hi-tech design programs: these are just a few of the latest functional and necessary innovations needed in many of today’s corporations to operate smoothly and efficiently. So what do these cutting edge tools have in common? They often lack the necessary training for most of us to use them as effectively as possible. Sometimes the learning curve is a bit too high and a simple pamphlet just won’t do.  
Enter – Balemaster, a company committed to both innovation and service. Balemaster is recognized by both peers and customers as an industry leader in waste handling automation. From automated baling systems with powerful and user friendly touch screen interfaces and Auto-Ty systems, to shredders, hoggers, automatic can compactors and more, Balemaster’s innovative products are installed in more than 55 countries serving a host of key markets. And each of their customers receives more than just a pamphlet.
For example: Balemaster’s commitment to training is unique in the waste handling industry. Their 3 day intensive training sessions teach your operators everything they need to know about your equipment. Their classes comprehensively cover preventative maintenance issues and electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical troubleshooting techniques – all aimed at making your personnel truly effective in your company’s daily equipment operations.
Additionally, Balemaster’s commitment to its customers extends long after the sale. They are always there to offer you any general and/or technical assistance that you may need. Balemaster places an emphasis on “Rapid Response” by maintaining an active inventory of all major parts in their 10,000 square foot parts department in Crown Point, Indiana.  
The point is this: If your distribution center, warehouse, paper mill, or recycling/hauling company needs to save both time and money with a technological improvement, look to Balemaster. Well known for their quality performance, reliability and service, Balemaster is an industry pioneer in using leading-edge technology to develop innovative design in baler structure, control systems, power packages and automatic wire tiers to meet the demands of your business.  And, they’ll train your employees to run the equipment so that your business can continue to run smoothly and efficiently.  
Simply put, Balemaster provides service that’s second to none.  

Balemaster offers a baler for every need.  

980 Crown Court
Crown Point, IN 46307

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